Poggio Bustone, XC Course | Provincia di Rieti

The Apennine mountains are known to be a good school for cross country flying. Poggio Bustone gives reliable weather conditions and epic flights over the ‘Wild Heart of Italy’. The site offers mountain or flatland flying, with many landing options in the valley.
The goal of this course is to improve your cross country flying skills. Many things can influence a cross country flight, like wind, thermals, clouds and topography. The key is to be able to adapt your plan to the conditions.
During the course you will learn how to prepare for a XC flight with the meteo forecast given for that day, where the best thermals can be found, how to choose the best lines to keep your gained altitude and how to optimize your flying time.

The day will start with a meteo briefing, flight planning and analyze of the orography. During the flight you get guidance from the air by the radio so you can relax and focus on the flying. After the flight we do a de-briefing and an analysis of your flight. The course consist of practice in the air and theory about meteo, thermal and cross country flying and how to set up your equipment.

The course will run from Sunday – Friday. Arrival date is on Saturday 26 of August, in the evening we will have a first meet and greet in the agriturismo.

• 6 days XC guidance and coaching
• Daily meteo briefing, task and site briefing
• Analysis of orography
• De-briefing and analysis of the flight
• Theory of meteo, cross country flying and flight equipment
• Transport to flying sites and retrieval
• Booking of your accommodation

• Flying equipment
• Pilot license and insurance

The price for 6 days cross country tour is 545€. Excluded are accommodation and meals. Airport pick is possible at an extra charge of 40€.

The guidance can be in Italian, English, Spanish, Greek or French.

We will be staying in an argriturismo in the Valley of Poggio Bustone. Price is not included but is around 20€ for a shared room.

Contact us via info | flytheapennines ! com for more information.


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